Mechanical engineering design services

We are trusted by clients across multiple industries who all share common traits. They are committed to great product design and have come to trust our unique approach as a valued member of their design or production team. Our singular focus is on improving designs to make them easier to manufacture, more effective in the field, and couple that with a relentless pursuit of continual improvements for both design, delivery and support.

With a number of potential options, our clients value the honest feedback we provide along with significant expertise in mechanical design and production materials and processes that reflect our shared passion in the success of their business. Our longevity is based on the success we have demonstrated in truly understanding customer requirements, and continually contributing to better initial product design, and continued quality across manufactured parts and components.

At Bradean's Tool & Die our passion is bringing our significant experience and technical design capabilities to improve the products we work with. We appreciate that many of our customers allow us to help them take projects from concept, to prototype, to final design and build.

Our continued success is based on a proven history of high-precision, in-house machining and production capabilities for the most particular clients. Our investments in precision machining tools and processes allow us to offer a one stop shop for clients, meaning that over time communication becomes easier, and projects more successful. This allows us to maintain complete accountability over a project and provide a one stop shop solution to our customers. We are currently supplying customers in aerospace, defense, electronics, environmental, oil & gas, and ocean technology markets throughout Canada and the United States.